Why Our 4 Week Foundational Program Works

We wanted to share with you exactly what makes our 4 Week Foundational Training Program so great and give you some insight into how it can change your fitness game and support you on your path toward better health and fitness. Check it out!

1. Expert programming. Our coaches have been designing fitness programming and training clients for over a decade. We know what elements to include to have you experience results in all facets of fitness. We use simple movements (nothing fancy here!) and program them strategically throughout. 

2. Expert coaching. Your coach has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is there to support you, answer any questions about the program, and cheer you on along the way.

3. Accessibility. Our online platform makes it easy to access your workouts and videos of each exercise on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or home computer. Anytime. Anywhere.

4. Accountability. You have direct access to your coach for support and questions throughout the program. You also receive reminders for your workouts, and alerts when you miss one! When it comes to sticking to any new habit, accountability is key!

5. Time-friendly. Our workouts are designed to take no more than 60 minutes out of your busy day. 

6. Nutrition guidance. We include weekly nutrition information and provide tools and strategies to help you build healthy nutrition habits that support your fitness goals. After all, you owe your body some good fuel for all the hard work it's doing!




"An incredible, challenging program with phenomenal support. Coach Syd is a total badass who supports, pushes and drives you to the next level. I have and will continue to yell from the rooftops about how awesome this program is!! I will ABSOLUTELY be continuing in with Maven!"

- Ashley, Calgary AB

"Loved it! The program was easy to follow, the videos were very helpful to check out what each exercise was + form. Getting the email daily was key, made sure I stayed on track. The workouts were challenging but they never got monotonous nor did they take too long. The 30-40 minute mark is ideal. I gained muscle, noticeable definition in my arms and legs + definition in my waist. The mix of cardio + strength = dreamy!"

- Leah, San Antonio TX

"At first, I was skeptical about staying accountable to do workouts from home - I usually like to get out of the house to do a workout because then you are really committing to doing it (i.e you've taken the time to travel there, etc.) BUT the workouts were structured in a way that they didn't take too long to do BUT you really felt the burn!!! That was motivating, for the next time, because there was no excuse to not to do the workouts."

- Catherine, Montreal QC

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont