4 Strategies to Handle the Long Weekend Like a Boss

If you're a resident of a province that celebrates Victoria Day, May Long weekend is fast approaching! Long weekends are a great opportunity to extend your rest and recovery and get in some fun social time with friends and family.

They are also a time when your health and fitness habits may take a back seat to cold beers and sun bathing (both of which I am all for!). As we enter the summer months and all the long weekend celebrations begin, I wanted to provide you with some strategies for getting ahead of the potential long weekend debauchery.

1. Plan your workouts a little differently this week and next. If you're headed out of town or have plans that may throw a wrench in your usual workout routine, move them around in your schedule for this week and next week now! Like right now, I'll wait.

Still waiting...

Done? Good. You're one step closer to keeping things in check.

2. Hydrate your face off. Water, water, water errday this week. Grab your trusty water bottle and bring that baby with you everywhere. Fill'er up regularly and try to get at least 8 cups of water in daily. If you can keep this up through the long weekend, you'll be in much better shape come Tuesday.

3. Plan movement into your long weekend. If you're in the mountains or out in the wilderness, there's so much room for activities! Plan for a hike or a mountain bike ride and get verbal commitment from your party posse. If you're in the city but not keeping your regular routine, plan a long walk with friends through your 'hood or hit up a local fitness class just for fun. The cold bevy's won't go anywhere while you're gone and will be awaiting you for quality patio time once you're back. Book it now so you're committed to going!

4. Food for thought. Consider what food you're buying to take to the cabin or wherever your long weekend journey's take you. Just because you're taking a little vacay, doesn't mean you need to throw away all your hard work! Pick up healthy snacks (like veggies and hummus or fresh fruits), and thank me later.

Happy long weekend y'all!

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont