Bone Broth 101

You may have caught wind of the growing trend of consuming bone broth as part of a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky that our friends at The Gut Lab - a hometown (Calgary, AB) outfit of health-minded ladies bringing you all kinds of benefits via their delicious bone broths - offered to put together some great information on the upsides of bone broth! Check it out:

Hey! This is The Gut Lab - we're the new kids in town. We make healing, nourishing Bone Broth using locally sourced, certified organic bones, organic veg and a whole lotta l-o-v-e. We gently simmer our bones for 24 hours to draw out all the goodness we possibly can - to help YOU be as nourished as you possibly can!

“Isn't this what my Grandmother used to make?" you ask. Yes, it is! 

This liquid gold has been made since the days of old (we're talking really old), but it wasn't until recently that we started to look at the healing benefits of this ancient elixir. 

So, what exactly is it good for and why do we want to drink it? Welcome everyone, to Bone Broth 101.

We love bone broth for many reasons. It's the perfect friend to aid in recovery post surgery, to refuel post workout, to help Mom heal postpartum, and of course to add to your daily routine for preventative health. Today class, we want to share with you our Top 5 benefits. 

1. It’s super rich in collagen, which is made available to us when bones are simmered for long periods of time. Collagen is required for optimal health essentially everywhere in our body…from skin and hair to internal organs, ligaments, and joints - from the time we're in our mothers womb until we're old and grey. 

2. It helps heal and prevent leaky gut by healing the mucosal lining of our small intestine. This can help immensely with common digestive issues, immune support, as well as auto-immune disorders, such as Celiac's disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn's.

3. It contains the amino acids needed to create and even rebuild worn out cartilage, which we know is essential for healthy, happy, ready-for-adventure joints. 

4. It is also full of glutamine and other amino acids which helps to support and detoxify our liver. Important for humans and animals alike, our liver works hard for us processing and filtering the toxins we are bombarded with on a daily basis - a little broth is a great way to say "thank you liver!".

5. Lastly, for all of you athletes out there - whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, it is the perfect way to refuel your body post workout. It helps stimulate muscle building and repair and provides your body with many vitamins and minerals (hello, calcium and magnesium). It's your basic magic potion.

Our friends at MAVEN & The Commune are passionate about great health, and we know you are too - so thank you for hearing us out today. We’re super excited to be part of your community, and truly look forward to sharing this beautiful, nourishing goodness with all of you in the time to come. 

Class dismissed!


The Gut Lab

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Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont