About Lightyear Leadership

Lightyear Leadership (formerly called igolü), is a body of work that leads you through a series of four sessions and provides you with tools and support to create a clear vision and goals based in possibility and choice. #NBD

I was first introduced to Lightyear Leadership through my time at lululemon athletica and decided to become a certified leader in 2014. I took a break from leading this work and have returned to my passion as a goal coach and cannot wait to lead you through these sessions! Since you may not have any clue about what these calls entail, I thought I would break down each session for you:

Session 1 - Personal Legacy

This session is all about drawing awareness to how you show up. You are, after all, leaving footprints of your existence in the world every second of every day. You will identify how your body communicates with you (think fight or flight) and learn new tools to respond rather than react moment to moment.

Session 2 - Reflections

During this session we will review what came from the Session 1 homework (yes, there are homework activities to complete between each call!). We will further discuss what triggers us into reaction and provide ways to shift from reactive listening to responding and dig in to reliable strategies for each individual. We will look at how past experiences can shape our perspective and impact our current behaviours.

Session 3 - Vision & Goals

Vision and goals are all about recognizing your unique gifts and abilities and leveraging them to create a life of your choosing, unconstrained from the past. This session will review the homework from Session 2, and we will begin to craft your vision and set clear goals.

Session 4 - The Power of "I AM"

During this session you will discuss the importance of language and the impact words have on our lives. By the end of this call, each participant will walk away with what we Lightyear leaders affectionately call a "declaration" - a unique and powerful statement intended to remind and support you toward your goals. 

If you're itching for more info, shoot me a note sydney@themavenlife.com

Looking forward to creating incredible things with you in 2018!

xo Syd


Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont