Commitment Check-in: January

Last month I shared my word for 2018: sufficiency. I also shared what this would look like in practice and some of the things I committed to doing to stay on track. #accountability We are officially one month in, and I wanted to check in with myself to keep it honest, and also remind you to check in with your own commitments for the year.

How did you do in January? If you found you stayed true to your commitments, bravo! Take a sec to pat yourself on the back. If you encountered some challenges and went off track, know that every day brings a new opportunity and you always have the power to choose the next best step.

Here's what I committed to and my own reflections on the past month:

No new clothing purchased in 2018 - Boomstick. I made it through January without buying any new clothes! This may seem trivial, but I have found this so freeing to know that what I currently have offers more than enough options for me to choose from and has actually reduced the amount that I judge myself (and others) on appearances. Whoa.

Live debt-free - This one is a work in progress, however I am waaaaay more mindful with using credit cards to make purchases, and have moved to using cash for almost all my day-to-day miscellaneous purchases. New rule: if I don't have the cash in hand, I don't buy it.

Plan ahead for family time - Proud to say that we honoured this one very well this month. I geeked out with the calendar and now have a schedule that lives on our fridge (holy shit, I'm such a mom already). We made Friday date night happen every week, Saturdays were spent outside as a family, and we even enjoyed a sunny week of vacation together! On the calendar for February: plans for date nights 1 + 2 already reserved and spending Family Day weekend in the mountains.

I have never done this type of monthly reflection before and damn it feels good. Planning on it every month in 2018, and I highly recommend you do too!

Big love,

xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont