Golden Nuggets

Along this journey of life I have been mining for gold. Gold being values and beliefs that hold power and truth for me.

I have been influenced by many teachers, situations, and even social norms and have been quite good at adapting to "fit in". Never really feeling like I knew what I stood for, yet always searching. And I still am. I seek out new perspectives all the time that make me think in new and different ways about the world. I am a student of life.

There are many things in this world to be upset about, just watch the news. It's absolutely important to fight against the things we find unjust or wrong. However, I personally would rather stand for something positive than against something negative. I would rather channel my energy into taking action vs. taking counter-action. For me, one feels empowering, and the other feels dis-empowering.  

I might even argue that it takes more courage to say what you do stand for, than what you don't stand for. Commiseration can be so galvanizing. 


Here's some of the golden nuggets I have discovered so far:

  • I stand for faith (not "God" faith, but trust faith) as the antidote to fear
  • I stand for people feeling seen, heard, and understood
  • I stand for human connection
  • I stand for the power of choice

I'll keep mining and rooting myself in what I stand for and will keep adding to this list. Give it some thought for yourself.

What do you stand for?


Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont