Healthy Thanksgiving Strategies

Turkey, wine, pies, football and couch naps, that's what fall long weekends are made of. Canadian Thanksgiving is almost here and I wanted to provide you with some tools to help you maintain your healthy habits through the long weekend.

You may already be employing my 4 Strategies to Handle The Long Weekend Like a Boss - all of those are still recommended. For some specifics on this weekend, read on.

Look ahead. How many brunches, dinners, parties etc. do you have planned this weekend? Knowing what you're in for is the first step. Get your mind right about when and where your meals are taking place so you can work with it. If you're having turkey dinners on Sunday and Monday this weekend, consider making a lighter lunch and dinner at home on Friday night and Saturday. If you're traveling and will be eating out a lot, use the ol' Google machine and look up some places that have the kinds of foods you like and that fit with your usual healthy eating, and suggest these places for your lunches/dinners out.

Chip in. Can you offer to bring a healthy version of a traditional dish to the festivities? You'll feel good about contributing and not showing up empty-handed, and you'll know what's in at least some of your food.

Location, location, location. If I stand anywhere near a buffet of appetizers and treats, it is guaranteed I will take down way too much food before we even get to our actual meal. Remove yourself from temptation, and pick a spot farther than arms-reach to park yourself to socialize before sitting down for dinner.

Choose wisely. Guess what? Turkey and all the fixins aren't necessarily bad for you. It's the amount you eat that gets people feeling sluggish and regretful once they awake from their tryptophan and sugar induced coma. Quality over quantity my friends! Try taking a little bit of everything OR lots of the healthier options available, but take only what you need to feel full. This is not rocket science, you eat every day, you'll figure it out.

Pace yourself. One thing's for sure, you're eating this weekend. So take your time to enjoy every last bite of what you have put on your plate. Eating slowly is good for you. Put your fork down between bites, and actually have a conversation with a friend or family member without talking with your mouth full. Take a sip of wine between bites. Give thanks for the fact that you can actually take this time sit down and eat a meal with your people. Soak it all in. It's a holiday weekend, so let yourself relax and enjoy it. 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

xo Syd 

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont