How to Build a Healthy Grocery List

Building a grocery list is a simple act that can go a long way in keeping yourself on track and is the best nutrition habit around. Set yourself up to have the best quality foods stocked so you can eat well all week. Here's how you can build a healthy grocery list.

A typical week of meals may look like this:

*indicates meals eaten out and are not factored in to your grocery list needs.

A typical week of training may look like this:

An ideal meal schedule of adequate macronutrient intake for this example would look like this:

P: Protein    V: Vegetables    F: Fats    C: Carbohydrates
*Remember: you don't need Carbohydrates and Fats at every meal, just those before or after exercise.

In looking at your meal needs for the week, you can now begin to build out your list, which may look like this:

NOTE: Snacks are to be consumed if you are hungry between meals. You don't have to have 2 snacks a day. Snack time will consist of proteins and vegetables, so pick up a few other of your favourite vegetables and cook up extra proteins so you have leftovers to snack on. In general, I also recommend making enough protein and veggies for dinner that you have enough leftover for lunch the next day to save yourself time in the morning. The above example is for 2 people, if you are a family, adjust for the number of mouths you are feeding.


Finally, here are 5 simple steps to a successful grocery shop:

  1. Shop with a list
  2. Shop along the perimeter (the produce and meat all live here) - do not enter the junk food aisle, roll right on by
  3. If you do head down aisles, enter and exit the same side you came in to avoid grabbing unnecessary items
  4. Most sale items on the end of the aisle are not good for you - ignore them!
  5. Never completely fill your cart (unless you are shopping for a big family)
  6. Get in and outta there in 45 minutes or less (totally do-able if you follow the above steps!)

Enjoy the grocery shopping!

xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont