Legacy Now

Most of us think that legacy is about what people will say when we are gone. A list or compilation of all that we achieved, lives we touched, the mark we made on this earth.

Historically, legacy was defined by the passing down of money or property, so it's no wonder we have inherited this belief that it comes with an attachment to material things. 

The truth is, your legacy is happening right now. Always, in every move you make, in each interaction, your presence here on this earth shapes things. If you were not here, it would look different. You are always leaving footprints of your existence in your wake. Consider that for a second. This is both an exciting reality, and a great responsibility! What we often forget is that we have choice in who we are for people, and what we bring in to each day and each interaction. If we can draw our awareness to moving through life with intention, rather than by default, we start to feel empowered and see and feel the impact of harnessing choice over resigning ourselves to our circumstances.

I am not saying we will be a complete pleasure 100% of the time and know that some moments are tougher than others and we often feel like we have no choice. In reality, you have all that you need within you to leave a more purposeful legacy right now. You have made it this far in life because of your ability to overcome setbacks and challenges.

Think about the ways in which you know you can rely on yourself to get through tough times, or even what your friends and loved ones can rely on you for consistently. What is that thing that you count on to get you through challenges? What is that quality about you that makes the best of times so much sweeter? (they are often the same thing) For myself, it's my ability to keep an open perspective.

I leave you with this to reflect on:

What if we didn't keep that special thing about us all to ourselves or reserved only to the people closest to us? What if we weren't stingy with our unique gifts? What if we gave the best of ourselves generously and freely to anyone and everyone? What would your legacy look like then? What impact can you make now, today?

Think about it...

xo Syd


Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont