Lighting up your heart can be simple.


Today I was reflecting on my state of mind and checking in with how I'm feeling, and asked myself the question: "what do you do that makes you feel good about yourself?". Which also prompted me to reflect on what I do that makes me feel bad about myself. I was easily able to identify over 10 behaviours for each of these.

When I look at my answers, I admit that I do a lot of the things that make me feel bad about myself (ie. drag me down in some way) without even thinking about it, and many of the things that make me feel good about myself (ie. build energy and create happiness), seem to take more "effort". I'm not sure why that is and I'm investigating it for myself.

I am committed to putting more of the "feel goods" into my calendar right now, and working to sub out the everyday "feel bads" for a "feel good" action - for example: sub Netflix for reading a book, sub that second coffee with a cup of caffeine-free tea, sub the Instagram scrolling with a walk outside. The truth is, it's the little things light up my heart and make me feel good. They are the collection of things that make way for the big wins. 

"What you do every day, matters more than what you do some of the time"

I encourage you to do this same simple exercise and answer for yourself what makes you feel good/bad. You could also frame it up to help you stay the course for a goal you are working on - after all, we set goals to feel good, right?! For this context, answer these questions: "What am I doing that gets me closer to my goal?" and "What am I doing that takes me farther away from my goal?" Awareness is key.

Lighting up your heart can be as simple as taking a small everyday action. You don't need something a-maz-ing to happen to feel joy. And when you do something that makes you feel good, thank yourself for it.

All the light from my heart to yours,

xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont