My Christmas Vacation "Bucket List"

I saw a meme the other day that said something like "there was a day when you and your friends played outside for the last time and none of you knew it". It made me sad at first, but also had me reflect on how we could bring more "play" into our lives now.

Maybe it's because we now have a child, or because we put in a lot of work and were outputting a lot this year, but I feel compelled to move through the holidays with more intention than ever before. The focus is on fun and being in the moment, slowing down enough to enjoy the beauty of the people and environments we will spend time with.

I put together this bucket list, not to be a to-do list that must get done, but rather a simple reminder to slow down, plan in some fun experiences, and not let the holiday season pass us by without taking time to deeply enjoy and savour the moments we are so fortunate to have.

  • At least one trip to the mountains
  • Sing/dance to holiday carols with Coop + decorate the tree (done)
  • Make out with the hubs on NYE (look out Sean, I'm coming for ya ;))
  • Volunteer one night together
  • Take a family photo in our PJs on Christmas day
  • Make dinner for my family together
  • Snow angels!
  • Wine and giggles with my best girls
  • Go snowshoeing
  • Enjoy a ho-cho on the ice at Lake Louise
  • Sip cocktails at the Banff Springs
  • Have a games night with friends
  • Complete a puzzle (total puzzle nerd during the holidays)
  • Read an entire book

When I look at this list I am immediately reminded of what's truly important in my life and know what to carve out time for. I'm so excited to cross some things off and enjoy time with my family and friends over the next couple weeks!

What's on your holiday bucket list?


xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont