Naysayers Begone

Don’t let the world tell you your goals are too big – or too small. Of course there are naysayers out there with whom you share an aspiration and they put the kibosh on it. There are also those visionary, big picture thinkers who can make you feel like your goals are too small.

The best news is that you get to choose what makes you happy, brings you fulfillment, has you waking up saying “let’s do this” and going to bed saying “fuck yeah, I did”.

If anyone has you feeling down about the things you are looking forward to - whether they are pushing you to do more, or stifling your creativity - consider the following. If the person who is telling to do stretch and go bigger has your back, knows you well, sees you are capable, and can tell you want something really badly – listen to them. What feedback are they giving you? Take what serves you and send the rest packing. Maybe they are giving you an upgrade and they believe in you more than you even believe in yourself.

On the other side of the spectrum are the dream snatchers. Those who impose their own limiting beliefs on your big badass visions of a brilliant future where you are taking on large-scale endeavours. If they are someone in your field who has some experience, and also has your back – listen to them. They may have some good advice hiding underneath their fears. If not – say ta-ta to their negativity and stay the course.

The key here is knowing what you want – big or small – and to create your definition of “big” and “small” and stick with that. Comparison is the thief of joy, so don’t let it be a buzz kill on your goals.

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Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont