Responsibility and Power

With great responsibility comes great power.

Wait. What? Isn’t in the other way around? Nope.

Those who are in positions of power typically have taken on responsibility. Voraciously. Willingly. Relentlessly. Been there with their hand out to help when others have said “Nah, that’s too much for me.” Stuck around to say, “my bad”, and offered solutions to clean up any messes they made.

When you take personal responsibility for yourself and your actions, and your LIFE, you gain power. You become a force – not forceful – rather, a being that has backing, integrity, infrastructure. Responsibility equals a rock solid foundation to work from. It means you don’t have to go back and ask for forgiveness because you have already cleaned up your messes. It means you don’t have to worry about that one thing you missed early on being the crucial side block in your Jenga tower that causes it all to come crashing down, you’ve already patched up the crack in the foundation.

Taking responsibility does not mean becoming a responsibility monster, and taking on the responsibilities of others. In fact, the more you take responsibility for yourself, the easier it is to know what’s “yours” and what’s “theirs” in terms of responsibility. It provides clarity of communication when each knows what they are responsible for. It makes it simple to delegate, to hold accountable, to follow through when this clarity exists. It also makes it much easier to identify what is not your responsibility and to LET. IT. GO.

Being responsible for yourself actually feels pretty fucking good. It means knowing when to say “yes” (and mean it), and when to say “no” without feeling one bit of guilt.


xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont