As 2019 wraps up and we begin to look forward to 2020 and our goals for the next 365 twirls around the sun, I myself have a goal of expanding my offering to include Personal Training and Program Design. If you have some exciting fitness goals you're ready to tackle in a more committed way, this may be the opportunity for you!
I'm looking for 5 women who live busy, full lives that want more ease and more results from their fitness. You're ready to commit to 3 workouts per week and have access to a gym. If this sounds like you, here's what I'm offering:

  • 1 Initial Assessment session to gather baseline information and discuss goals
  • 1 Personal Training session per month at my studio, to track progress and introduce the next months program
  • 3 personalized workouts per week, delivered to your inbox and via the TrueCoach App (HELLO high-tech!)
  • Videos of each exercise
  • Direct messaging with me to ask questions and seek guidance

This is a 3-month commitment and costs $389 ($129/mo). If you're ready to say yes to yourself and your fitness goals, please complete the application form at the link below. Applications will be accepted until Friday, December 13th and the 5 women selected will be contacted by Friday, December 20th.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your health and fitness goals for 2020!

xo Syd


Whenever I find myself in a period of time when I am not writing, or sharing, or creating, I know that something is up. It's a real "tell" for me. One of my patterns in life is when things aren't feeling great, I turtle. Then my perspective can get a bit negative.

It usually means I need to slow down and reflect on a few key things and ask myself questions like:

  • How am I spending my time? Typically doing something to feel like I have control because I feel out of control.
  • What is my internal dialogue at the moment? Often the scariest to answer, cuz it ain't pretty.
  • What's keeping me up at night? At the moment, being pregnant is sometimes the culprit, but usually, it's not.

Once I've thought on these, then I can move to asking some forward-thinking questions, such as:

  • What's something I would enjoy doing? Then I can go plan that into my week and do it - unapologetically.
  • What's something I did really well today/this week? Self high-five!
  • What can I ask for help with? Make the call, have the conversation, ask for what I need. (literally reminding myself of this daily)

So what have I been up to with my time? Mostly worrying about the future. Getting lots of pre-baby tasks completed. Doctors appointments. Spending time with my son and husband. None of which are inherently bad, obviously (except maybe that first one).

With all the unknowns of welcoming another baby into our family, I have been feeling insecure. In the sense of vain things, like only have 6 items of clothing I feel comfortable in, or often not having my hair or make-up done. And also in the deeper sense of not feeling grounded and secured to my sense of self. Which is why I may not have been showing up in the same way in recent months.

So what's next? It's going to be a wild and transitional time over the next few months [and years], I'm sure. And I'm thankful for all of you who have continued to work with me, to support my small-business, to trust me with your minds and bodies through it all. I always want to strive to be consistent for you as much as possible. Which is why I have decided to take some time off from in-person training to welcome our baby girl, and to get my bearings, so that I can continue to bring my best when the time comes to return.

It pains me to say this, but there will be no in-person training offerings with MAVEN, likely until mid-October or November. I am offering my 12 Week Online Training Program beginning Monday, September 2 so that you can continue to have MAVEN-style workouts during this time! Check out the Program FAQ for more details.

If you want to stay even more in the loop, you can join my mailing list for news on when training will resume later this fall.

I love and appreciate you and can't wait to see what the future holds!


xo Syd


When considering and setting goals, it's tough not to get caught up in the allure of the finish line. That shiny point in the future where things may be changed, different, improved. That point is an unknown. Will achieving that thing make you any happier? If you've set it from a place that's true to you, it likely will. What I do know is that any journey has it's setbacks, detours, and delays and is never linear, and it's important to focus on what is in your control. Realize what you have choice over, and consistently keep your eye on that finish line, but also see every day as a new starting line.

The starting line is just as important. It's a powerful place to be. It's ripe with possibility, butterflies, and excitement. It's really a mindset of looking at the challenges of your goal and seeing them with new perspective at every step. Once you've determined what it is you want to achieve and you're standing at the starting point, that first step can be the most overwhelming. While you're waiting for the start gun to go off, precious time is passing you by. What you must realize is that you are the one holding the gun, you are the only one with the power to choose that first step, and the next, and the next. So what's it going to be? Any small act that moves you forward will do.

And with every step and each day that passes, you step up to another starting line. Because what I know is that achieving what we want in this life is an exercise in consistently starting over. As sexy as the finish line is, give the starting line it's due.

With the new year right around the corner, the messaging about making 2017 "the best yet" and "your year" will be all up in your face. And that's okay. Many fitness and health professionals may even tell you "resolutions don't work", "why wait until the new year?", etc. And those are all fair points, there are no quick fixes, and you can start any time. But if you choose to start something new in January because you are motivated and excited, there is nothing wrong with that #doyou. In fact, starting toward a new goal in December is definitely possible, and you can certainly get a head start on your 2017 goals, you just may need to be even more aware of some of the limiting factors and increased potential opportunities to make choices that are not aligned with your health goals, and extra willpower may be necessary. 

As you look forward to 2017 and begin to think about all you'd like to achieve in the year. Take the time to really stand at the starting point, take in the view from the beginning, know that it takes kahunas to start. And take comfort that each day you carry on is another opportunity to stand there again and again and consider your next step.

If you've got fitness and health top of mind for 2017, the starting line of my next 12 Week Online Training Program is January 2nd, 2017. Workouts delivered to your inbox daily, weekly e-mails for goal setting and additional tools to keep you on track, nutrition lessons [like how to build a healthy grocery list] throughout, and access to a coach [me!] for support and assistance. Every day you get that workout in your inbox is a new starting line. Let's take those daily first steps together and make real progress.


xo Syd

Sign up for the next 12 Week Online Training Program

Get it at the early bird price of $159 [regularly $199] until December 5th!


We get it. Not everyone is a gym rat or has a home gym. You have a full schedule and perhaps limited resources. But you still want to get in shape, or stay in shape without it getting complicated. Bodyweight exercise is a great [and simple] way for you to get your workout in, even with all the other stuff you have going on. Bodyweight movements are great for seeing progress in strength, flexibility, and overall health. If you're still not convinced, here are our top reasons to add bodyweight training to your repertoire.

No Excuses. Probably the most notable thing about bodyweight training is that it eliminates so many of the common excuses you may have to not train. No gym membership needed, no equipment to buy, no travel time. Just you and your body doing it's thang.

Efficiency. Because you aren't using any equipment, you can get a lot of work done and move quickly from one exercise to the next. Fast transition times mean maintaining higher heart rates and intensity and getting more work done in a shorter amount of time. Boom.

Afterburn. Higher intensity workouts continue using your body's fuel stores beyond the time you are actually moving. Unlike long duration, slow paced aerobic work, after intense workouts, your body will continue to use energy for up to hours after your training, allowing you to achieve the same energy output as a long duration, slow paced workout in far less time.

Indoor/Outdoor. Because you don't need any equipment, you can take your workout outside to a local park, your basement, or your hotel room or the beach when you travel.

Mix It Up. There is so much you can do with just your body, you can get very creative with the structure of your workouts. We had a ton of fun designing the 4 Week Online Bodyweight Program for this exact reason.

Challenge. Typically, bodyweight training is challenging no matter your fitness level. This does depend on how hard you are going (rate of perceived exertion), but generally speaking, bodyweight movements performed in the right way with the right volume are challenging for anyone.

Results. The thing you all wanna hear. Bodyweight exercise usually involves compound movements (multiple joints and muscles being used at once). Compound exercises like push ups and lunges have proven to be very effective in gaining strength and overall performance.

We'd like to note here that throwing together some bodyweight movements on your own may not be the safest or smartest thing to do. We believe in working with a coach to ensure you are performing movements properly and have a program that is designed with some intention so that you aren't just dicking around spinning your wheels doing random workouts. We don't want to waste your precious time!

If you're looking for a new workout program with the added accountability of access to a coach, and you don't have access to a gym or equipment, or travel often for work, we've got you covered. Check out our 4 Week Online Bodyweight Training Program and get started as early as Monday, October 3rd!


Excuses. You know those things you say when you are trying to get out of something, or justify your choices? The ones you use as leverage to not do some of the things you say you want to do, and you silently, internally, break promises you have made to yourself. I have heard them all, and I have probably said them all.

A coach take these limitations (perceived or real) and helps remove them as a barrier to your goals. A coach listens to what you want and works with you to create a plan to move you toward those things. A coach can thus be the most hated and loved person in your life. They likely call you on your shit, because they have heard what you want, and they believe in your ability to go get it. So they commit to doing whatever it takes, even when you may have given up, or gone off course. They may hear your excuses, may even validate your stance, yet they come back to what you want and stand for that on your behalf. In short: coach has your back.

Here are some of the most common excuses I hear on the daily (for health and fitness, and for life) and some reality checks from a coach (me) on how to work with them.

"I don't have enough time." / "I'm too busy." (same, same)

I see your lack of time and raise you with awareness. There is the trendy saying that you are given the same exact precious 24 hours a day as Angelina Jolie, Oprah and Beyoncé - which I agree with. It's not so much the amount of time you have, it's how you spend it. For a week, keep track of how you spend your time (like you might with a food journal). Be honest about how you spent it. How much time did you spend working? How many times did you check your Instagram account? How much time was spent watching Netflix? Don't go being all judgey with yourself about it, just state the facts. Then you can give it some real thought. If spending a night in with your partner cuddling on the couch is important to you, keep on keeping on.

I was once at a leadership retreat and one of my colleagues said, "If you're not busy working on your goals, what are you busy doing?" Mind. Blown. I was offered this shift in perspective and took it as an opportunity to really look, like really, at how I was spending my time. If you can honestly say that you spend most of your day working on something that matters to you, moves you toward your goals, fills you with purpose, then you may not have time for some other, less important things. However, most people I have met who are using their time toward their goals, rarely use this excuse, if ever. Here's how a conversation with these peeps sounds: "How are things going?"A: "It's been crazy lately, I have tons of projects and running around to do, it's going really great." 

Even if you feel "busy", try using different language with yourself and with others. Bring that awareness to your attitude about time and you may start to see that you have an abundance of time to spend on the good stuff.

"I don't have enough money."/ "I can't afford it."

Wowee this one is a sensitive one for many (myself included). I will use the same approach as with time, but with a twist. Let's assume you do have some money, ie. you have some kind of employment/income. As with your time, it may not be so much about how much of it you have, but rather a matter of how you spend it. The twist is that you can often make more money, but you can't make more time (unless you're re-allocating existing time, but you get the gist). If you're not willing to do more to make more money, how could you budget to be spending it in ways that better serve you? 

As with drawing awareness to how you spend your time, a valuable exercise may be to look at all the places you are spending your hard earned bucks. Print out those bank statements, write out all your expenses and see what you get. You may find you can cut a couple things out to build a budget for other goals (ahem, like training). For more financial tips, one of my all-time favourites is Leslie-Anne Scorgie's Well Heeled.

There are also a ton of affordable and/or free options for health and fitness out there. Like my 12 Week Online Training Program, which costs less than six bucks per workout! Whether you train with MAVEN or not, there are ways around the money excuse when it comes to health and fitness.

"I'm so far gone, it's going to be so hard, I might die."

This excuse makes me perhaps the most crazy, but it is also the most understandable. If you never start, then you will never know how it feels to miss something, to fail, to have to pick yourself back up again. I get it. I want everything to be perfect and sunshine and rainbows and be 100% compliant and on track at all times. But this is real life and that is unrealistic. Even 1% is better than 0%. For example: If you planned on doing three workouts in a week, and you did one, that one still counts! You DID it. Rome was not built in a day, people. Small actions, taken one step at a time can produce an incredible result.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

"I'll do it on my own, when the time is right."

How's that working out for you? Even as a coach, I have coaches that I work with to help me toward my goals. Even with all the knowledge and tools at my disposal, I need support and accountability, just like you.

"The timing isn't right."

Maybe you have a crazier season for work, or a lot of commitments, but if something is important to you, you'll work it into the madness. The people around you will understand if you have to miss something, show up a bit late or leave a bit early, and will even step in if you need their help because they know you are working towards your goals (and if they aren't, see what I have to say about naysayers here). There is such thing as the perfect time and that time is now.

"I have an injury, I'm waiting for it to heal before I start anything."

A good coach can work around injuries. Unless you're completely immobile, there are always things you can be doing that are good for your body, and likely good for your mental fortitude and confidence. Did you catch any of the recent Paralympic games? 'Nuff said. If you hurt your arm, don't make your legs pay for it by neglecting them. They were created to squat, so let 'em. 

There will always be excuses to be made, and excuses erode your personal integrity. Personal integrity being the relationship you have with yourself about keeping your word. Don't wait to do something toward what you want. Build your life around the things you want, and relentlessly pursue these things. Use your gift of willpower when needed. Become aware of where you are making excuses and consider their legitimacy. 

If you're ready to start now, registration is open for my next 12 Week Online Training Program which starts Monday, September 5th. Check out the FAQ here if you need more info.

We wanted to share with you exactly what makes our 4 Week Foundational Training Program so great and give you some insight into how it can change your fitness game and support you on your path toward better health and fitness. Check it out!

1. Expert programming. Our coaches have been designing fitness programming and training clients for over a decade. We know what elements to include to have you experience results in all facets of fitness. We use simple movements (nothing fancy here!) and program them strategically throughout. 

2. Expert coaching. Your coach has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is there to support you, answer any questions about the program, and cheer you on along the way.

3. Accessibility. Our online platform makes it easy to access your workouts and videos of each exercise on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or home computer. Anytime. Anywhere.

4. Accountability. You have direct access to your coach for support and questions throughout the program. You also receive reminders for your workouts, and alerts when you miss one! When it comes to sticking to any new habit, accountability is key!

5. Time-friendly. Our workouts are designed to take no more than 60 minutes out of your busy day. 

6. Nutrition guidance. We include weekly nutrition information and provide tools and strategies to help you build healthy nutrition habits that support your fitness goals. After all, you owe your body some good fuel for all the hard work it's doing!




"An incredible, challenging program with phenomenal support. Coach Syd is a total badass who supports, pushes and drives you to the next level. I have and will continue to yell from the rooftops about how awesome this program is!! I will ABSOLUTELY be continuing in with Maven!"

- Ashley, Calgary AB

"Loved it! The program was easy to follow, the videos were very helpful to check out what each exercise was + form. Getting the email daily was key, made sure I stayed on track. The workouts were challenging but they never got monotonous nor did they take too long. The 30-40 minute mark is ideal. I gained muscle, noticeable definition in my arms and legs + definition in my waist. The mix of cardio + strength = dreamy!"

- Leah, San Antonio TX

"At first, I was skeptical about staying accountable to do workouts from home - I usually like to get out of the house to do a workout because then you are really committing to doing it (i.e you've taken the time to travel there, etc.) BUT the workouts were structured in a way that they didn't take too long to do BUT you really felt the burn!!! That was motivating, for the next time, because there was no excuse to not to do the workouts."

- Catherine, Montreal QC