The Values Grid

Your personal values are a foundational element to living a more purposeful life. They are the compass that let's you know when things don't feel aligned and can help you get back on course.

I have written about the importance of personal values in goal-setting and provided some quick ways to help you identify your own personal values. Here we are going to go one level deeper. Words on a sheet of paper are great to remind you, and it's also important to unpack them to know just why these things are so important to you, and how they impact your behaviour.

With your values in-hand, complete the next exercise.

Draw a grid that has 4 columns:

Column 1 - Values

Write each of your values (one per line)

Column 2 - Definitions

Write your definition of each of your values, in your own words. Answer for yourself: what does this value mean to me?

Column 3 - Related Beliefs

Write what you believe about each of your values. Answer for yourself: why is this value important to me?

Column 4 - Related Behaviours

Write what behaviours are related to each of your values. Answer for yourself: if someone were a fly on the wall, how would they know I am acting in line with my values? 

As you complete this exercise, you'll start to see just how important your values are and how much your values impact your behaviours and habits. Once you have completed the grid, I encourage you to share this information with at least three people in your life. This is also a great exercise to complete with teams or even your family to help gain further understanding of each other and to build better relationships.


xo Syd

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont