Weekly Planning Made Simple

I have always been a list making, futuristic, visionary, planner. I find noting what I need to get done and breaking it in to smaller tasks is one of the most powerful ways to keep myself accountable to my goals and focused on the important stuff. One of my favourite tools to use is the Wrinkle & Crease weekly planner, which is why I worked with my girl Kayley to create a MAVEN weekly planner just for you! Here's how to use this simple planner to get shit done every week.

Consider what's most important to you right now.

Perhaps you have a goal (or several) that is currently the main focus of your energy and efforts. Keep this top of mind when you plot out how you spend your time for the week. What actions this week are going to be steps toward that goal? Hold these as the framework for shaping out your week. 

Prioritize based on your goals.

If you have a weekly habit you're working on, or a class you would always like to get to that is crucial to your fitness goals, input those items first! Work from the top down. What are the things that you'd be really bummed about missing or skipping in your week? Plot those items out in order of priority. If a wine night with the girls, family dinner, or the gym, are a top priority, get it on the books! Then move on to other secondary items.

Know what you have to work around.

Once you have the important stuff input on your planner, use this visual of your week to plan ahead to stay on track with your goals. Let's say you currently have a money-saving goal and you're focused on making meals at home during the week days and taking your lunch to work instead of going out to cut spending. This upcoming week you have a friend in town who is meeting you out for lunch on Wednesday. Instead of going out on the weekend, plan to eat at home on a weekend night, or have friends over for a potluck when you would normally have gone out, and pencil it in as such. Thus, keeping you on track with your financial goal. 

Or perhaps you have a training goal and your typical training days are Mon/Wed/Fri, but you know you are headed out of town on Friday morning and won't have time to hit the gym. Use your weekly planner to see your whole week and shift your workout to another day so you don't miss it.

Have a separate daily to-do list.

It's easy to get carried away and start to put all the little things you need to do in a day on your weekly planner. This can be overwhelming and have an adverse effect on your week when you look at all the things you have to get done. I reserve the smaller daily tasks for a separate, daily to-do list, complete with boxes to check off and everything. When the day is done, that list gets recycled, any tasks that were not tended to get moved to the top of tomorrow's list and I sleep soundly knowing I won't forget about anything!

Pick a weekly trigger word to keep you on purpose.

Once I have my week plotted out, I take a good look at everything I have going on and come up with a single word or short sentence that will fuel me and remind me why I am doing what I am doing that week. This word is like a little mantra I use throughout the week to stay on task, prioritize my time, know when to say no to certain things etc. I note this word in the Notes section on my weekly planner so I see it daily when I check in.

Reflect on your previous week.

I take time every Sunday to look at what I have going on and plan out my week. Before I get into what I have coming up, I like to look at the previous week and take the time to acknowledge my efforts, celebrate small wins, and also look for trends or areas where I may be able to shift focus and take action to improve for the upcoming week. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for all the things you accomplish in a week!

Get on top of it and order your very own weekly planner here.


xo Sydney

Sydney Guevremont
Sydney Guevremont