Sometimes we can get into the groove of our daily life and routines and all the responsibilities and commitments can begin to feel overwhelming. It can start to feel like our things and our responsibilities have us rather than the other way around. The MAVEN Mountain Retreat in Banff, AB (April 5-7, 2019) is an opportunity to hit pause, reconnect to yourself, treat your body and your mind to some movement and space without the tethering of every day life, and get grounded in who you are and what you want to be up to. MAVEN is about designing and curating your life on your terms, rooted in who you are.

The Intention

Pause. Connect. Reset. The intention of this weekend is to reconnect to your purpose. We use the potent medicines of movement, nature, connection, and laughter to clear space and unlock creativity.

The Movement

We move our bodies to shake things out and get clarity.
We move to calm our nervous system. 
We move to quiet our mind and gain access to our hearts.
We move to acknowledge our alive-ness.
Workouts will be lead by Coach Sydney, yoga and meditations will be lead by Jennifer Mehalko of Parts + Labor.

The Goals

We create a vision for our lives to provide a foundational direction. 
We define our values to keep us fulfilled and on purpose. 
We generate goals rooted in our vision to have a process for getting there. 
We connect with each other on where we are going to build a community of support and accountability.

The Food

We eat high quality, whole foods, to nourish our bodies and our minds for optimal performance. 
We gather to “break bread” in order to connect with one another.
All food will be prepared by Mia Campbell of The Wellth.