I improve people’s fitness through what is known as a concurrent method, a balanced approach to strength, endurance, and higher intensity conditioning. This leaves you fresh, injury free, and constantly making improvement.

Remote Training

For the lady who's time is tight and commitments are plenty. Individualized Remote Training offers us the opportunity to build a program that works for you around your goals. Workouts are delivered daily, straight to your inbox using the TrueCoach App. Every workout has clear instructions and includes links to videos of each movement #hightech. We'll also have a monthly check-in to ensure we are aligned and staying on track because clear communication and support truly matter.

In-Person Training

Always varied, always a challenge, always a great time. MAVEN in-person group training classes are designed to give you a full-body workout every time. This class uses a mix of free weights, kettle bells, body weight movements and the occasional rower or bike. 

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